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Self-Compassion Coaching

In order to help you achieve self-compassion, I provide coaching over the phone or in my home office in the woods of Mullica Hill, New Jersey. After I fully understand the challenges you are facing with self-compassion, I will help you develop specific strategies you can use to overcome these challenges.  These may include being your own best friend, recognizing that you are inherently worthy, taking great care of yourself, “tuning into” your authentic self and enjoying the present moment rather than going around and around in your head with unhelpful or self-critical thoughts.

Yes, you could be sitting on a mountaintop in Hawaii, riding a camel in the desert or simply sitting in your living room and learning how to be self-compassionate. All you need besides a phone is a desire to increase your happiness and peace of mind.

I am pleased to offer you a free ten minute assessment to answer any questions you might have about the coaching services I provide and gain a better understanding how I might be helpful to you.

In order to schedule your free phone assessment, please fill in your contact information and let me know the best time to reach you.  If you are then interested in a full, hour long coaching session, you can schedule it on this website and pre-pay for your session.

I look forward to being your teacher and guide on your journey to achieve self-compassion!

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