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book on self-compassion - Achieving Self-Compassion

About My Book

I wrote Achieving Self-Compassion: Giving Yourself the Gifts of Happiness and Inner Peace to enable you to experience the happiness and peace that come from self-compassion.  I have developed and tested the strategies I discuss from my many years of experience as a therapist and my own quest to give myself the gift of self-compassion.

Chapter 1 offers a simple, vital strategy for enhancing self-compassion that you can start practicing today.  In Chapter 2, we explore commonly held beliefs that prevent you from living an effective life.  Chapter 3discusses the fact that that you are inherently worthy, regardless of how others perceive you or your faults.  In Chapter 4, we focus on the importance of not projecting your needs onto others.  Chapter 5 describes how a former client of mine overcame her depression and low self-worth by learning how to be more self-compassionate.

Chapter 6 focuses on how you can choose the gifts of happiness and peace of mind, regardless of the challenges you face.  Chapter 7 is all about taking great care of yourself.  In Chapter 8, you will learn how to get “out of your head” and tune into your deeper authentic self.  Chapter 9 tells you how you can eliminate negative reactions to difficult events.

Chapter 10 encourages you to appreciate what you have so you can live your life with a sense of fulfillment rather than scarcity.  In Chapter 11, you will learn a variety of portals to enjoy the wonders of the present moment.  Finally, Chapter 12 concentrates on how your self-compassion enables you to experience an abundance of positive energy and caring that you can pass on to others.

     As you read this this book, I encourage you to experiment with the strategies I discuss to see which ones work best for you.  I look forward to hearing about your experiences with self-compassion if I provide you with coaching or on my Achieving Self-Compassion Facebook page.  We can all learn a lot from each about how to achieve self-compassion!