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School Services

Training Services for Teachers, Administrators and Staff
  • Building Peace, Respect and Community
  • Eliminating Bullying/Sexual Harassment
  • Effectively Resolving Conflict
  • Responding Effectively to Disruptive
  • Preventing Suicide
  • Learning Differences Between Girls and Boys
  • Helping Boys/Girls Succeed
    Academically and Socially
  • Developing Emotional Intelligence/Social Competence
  • Eliminating Stress and Building Resilience for Teachers
  • Team Building
  • Developing Cross-Cultural Competence and Understanding
  • Implementing Peer Mediation
  • Restorative Justice
  • Helping Students Overcome Depression/Anxiety
  • Child Abuse/Neglect
  • Working with Children with Learning Challenges
    and “Special Needs”
  • Minority Recruitment
Training Services for Students
  • Eliminating Bullying/Sexual Harassment
  • Building Respect and Community
  • Developing Cross-Cultural Understanding
  • Character Education
  • Effectively Resolving Conflict
  • Leadership Training
  • Team Building
  • DNA Discussion Project
  • Drug/Alcohol Education

Additional Services

  • Observation and coaching for teachers concerning building community within their classrooms
  • Consultation concerning students who have been bullied or have behavioral challenges

“Nate and Anita provided an atmosphere that created a collaborative environment for our administrative team to openly discuss strategies to address sensitive student and staff issues. Thank you for an engaging and reflective session.”

Carol Mizrahi — Monroe Township School District